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This assignment will require you to create a PowerPoint or Keynote if using Apple software presentation presenting your powerpoint presentation

This assignment will require you to create a PowerPoint (or Keynote if using Apple software) presentation presenting your powerpoint presentation and supporting your argument about the impact of globalization, based on your globalization essay. Your powerpoint presentation must be exactly 12 slides long.
For fonts, you should use Arial, Calibri, or Helvetica fonts, font size should 20 pt font.
This assignment is worth 20 points.
Important submission instructions:
After your complete your powerpoint, please select “Print” and save the presentation as a PDF file, and submit the PDF file to Blackboard.
Presentations will be graded on the following criteria:
Organization and Structure (4 points):
Slides should have the following:
Title Slide with the title of the presentation (1)
Outline Slide – provides main argument and thesis and outline of main points (1)
Body Slides (8 slides that summarize main arguments with evidence and support).
Conclusion Slide (2) (slides that summarizes main arguments and points and presents conclusions
Content and Analysis (12 points)
Slides should have:
Clear argument and thesis
Supporting evidence and data
Quality Analysis
Minimum wordcount for presentation is 500 words, and maximum wordcount for the presentation is 750
words. This does not include the title slide – so the remaining slides should be betweed 45-68 words per slide.
This means you must minimize the amount of text you include on each slide.
Each slide should have no more than 3-4 bullet points.
Spelling and grammar- Slides should u have zero to minimal spelling, grammatical errors. (2 points)
Use of Graphics-At least
of your slides should use graphics including pictures.
Graphics should explain and reinforce text on slides. (2 points)

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