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Using Business Source Premier from the University Library review the following articles Choose three from this list and then find

Using Business Source Premier, from the University Library, review the following articles – Choose three from this list and then find a new source – not mentioned below as you fourth source:
Almquist, E.; Senior, J.; & Bloch, N. (2016).
The elements of value.
Harvard Business Review, 94(9),
Bergh, C.
The CEO of Levi Strauss on leading an iconic brand back to growth.
Harvard Business Review, 96(4),
Hagiu, A. &
Altman, E. J. (2017).
Finding the platform in your product.
Harvard Business Review, 95(4),
Ignatius, A. (2015).
How Indra
turned design thinking into strategy.
Harvard Business Review, 93(9),
Porter, M. E. &
Hepelmann, J. E. (2015).
How smart, connected products are transforming companies.
Harvard Business Review, 93(10),
Simons, R. (2010).
Stress-test your strategy.
Harvard Business Review, 88(11),
Following your review, share a 1300-word synopsis of the product strategy and branding concepts discussed on the discussion forum.
Keep the overarching theme, Product Strategy and Branding, in mind.
This paper should be submitted in Microsoft Word and completed using APA (7 the edition)
formatting (in-text citations and references).
Use subject headers that include Introduction and Conclusion – but the name of each of the three articles you are covering – for example – Article # 1 – The Elements of Value.
With your short introduction & conclusion paragraphs, you will have over 750-words.
Your subject headers should be (based of course on what three articles that you choose, I am giving your three examples here):
Introduction (minimum 50-words)
Article # 1 – The Elements of Value (300-words minimum)
Article # 2 – Finding the Platform in Your Product (300-words minimum)
Article # 3 – Stress-Test Your Strategy (300-words minimum)
Article # 4 – your NEW source (300-words)
Conclusion (minimum

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