Make sure to explain and backup your responses with facts and examples. This assignment should be in APA format and have to include at least four references. In-text citations as required. (1200 words)
If you were to explain to a family/friend about Information technology, what would you say is its importance in todays world, and what are future trends in Information Technology (IT)?
Remember to stay at an introductory level because your family/friend knows nothing about technology. Going deeper would confuse them and will cause them to lose interest in your explanation.
Your paper must include all the following and each section must include at least two practical examples:
a) Introduction (75-150 words)
b) Importance of IT in todays world (350-500 words).
c) Future trends in IT (Where do you see IT in the next ten (10) years?) (450-600 words)
d) Based on your responses from above (c above), why should your family/friend be interested in IT? (Benefits of believing in IT, now and future) (275-350 words)
e) Summary (75-200 words)
f) References (at least four)
Note: add more headings and subheadings as possible.

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