This project addresses your ability to apply strategic operations management principles learned throughout the course to a company of your choice. You will work in teams to prepare operational issues for a subject company. The submission should look like a documentary that addresses the strategic operations of the organization including their operations strategy, supply chain risk management strategies, and lean and sustainable operations. You are expected to perform analysis on such issues and provide your critical input regarding how these operations are exemplary, facing troubles, or can be improved.
Use iMovie or Microsoft Photos to create a digital story about a company of your choice. The company may be a manufacturing or service one, working for-profit. The digital story should include information about the company as an introduction along with the following:
Introduction to the company: Mission/ vision/ corporate strategy
Operations strategy and how it provides competitive advantage to the company
Comment on their application of JIT or lean concepts if any. If not, comment on how lean quality concepts can be used/ applied to improve their operations
Sources of risk for the company and how they can/ should devise strategies to mitigate them
The company’s sustainable operations
Submit a progress report outlining your work thus far, 2 to 3 pages. The report can also include challenges you have faced and how you dealt with them.
This should answer the question: “how did this project help reinforce your knowledge on operations and supply chain management?”

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