Topic : “Artificial Intelligence for Cancer Detection” •
Types of essays – Explanatory – describes a contemporary issue: Example – Encryption & Foreign Travel
– Analytical – evaluates a topic or issue, e.g., the pros and cons of encrypting the HDD on your laptop.
– Argumentative – takes a position or makes a claim about a topic or issue and persuades the reader of the validity, e.g., all laptop HDDs should be encrypted. •
– Title Page (Name, Class Name & Number, Class Assignment, Title of Paper, Student Name & ID, Date)
– Table of Contents
– Opening paragraph – introduce the topic or issue to be covered.
– Body – one or more paragraphs that cover the points to be made, discussing both the pro’s and con’s of both sides of the issue
– Closing paragraph/Results – summarize the results, findings, or conclusions. Use critical thinking to develop new insights. Note, the conclusion is not just a regurgitation of the facts.
– References (references due not count in length.
**The Essay must address the following areas**
1. A description of the technology being addressed
2. Why this technology was chosen
3. A brief history of the technology
4. Positive Impacts of the technology
5. Negative Impacts of the Technology
6. What is the Future of this Technology (where does it go from here)?
7. References
Student in the course will write an approximately 1000-word essay (4 ½ to 5 pages of written text not including front and back matter) addressing the impact of computing on individuals, organizations, and/or society in general. The topic selected for the essay must elaborate on how computer technology in general, or how a specific technology has affected lifestyles, the economy, the environment, politics, etc., and must be currently relevant.

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