This week were focused on NGOs. For this discussion, please complete the three parts described below:
1. Each student should present a description (in your own words) of an individual nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) mission and capabilities.
2. Describe the NGO and its capabilities in your own words (paraphrase and cite). Dont cut and paste something from the NGO website. Obviously, youll want to pick an NGO that is involved in issues related to the course. Be
sure to use more than one source and incorporate references to course material.
Please be sure to paraphrase and cite the information rather than quoting it.
3. Your summary should indicate why your NGO should be considered as a friend, foe, or foil. Some NGOs play important roles in conflict resolution. Some NGOs stir up conflict. They also play important roles during the economic, social and governmental aspects of peace settlements–the kind of problems that often cause negotiated settlements to fall apart and conflicts to reemerge.
examples: (You dont have to use, but these are examples)
Red Cross
Feed the Children

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