The proposal should consist of the following:
Cover page
Table of contents
Brief company background-
Business problems or opportunities overview
Briefly describe the problem or opportunity that you will be providing a technology solution for
Explain how this problem/opportunity affects the organization
Overview of technology solution category
Provide a brief overview of the technology solution category, and explain how it fits the needs of the organization.- SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM(SCM) OF NETFLIX
NOTE: Please see the definition of technology solution category in the section titled Potential Technology Solution Categories. It is suggested that you use one of the technologies listed in that section.
2 pages long ( not including cover page and table of contents)DO NOT COPY AND DO NOT PLAGIARIZED
Potential Technology Solution Categories
Augmented reality
Business analytics
Business intelligence
Cloud-based services (software, hardware, storage, etc)
Collaboration technologies
Communication technologies
CRM system
Customer records system
Database system or application
Electronic document management system
Electronic medical records system
ERP system
Global information system
Group decision support system
HRM system
Information systems security solutions
Internet analytics implementation (web analytics, social media analytics, video analytics, etc.)
Internet of things
Inventory management system
Knowledge management system
Network technologies
Project management system/software
SCM system
Social media applications for business
Speech-to-text system/voice recognition system
assest tracking systems
Technologies to facilitate telecommuting
Text-to-speech system
Wireless sensor network

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