This assignment requires evidence based information such as pictures, diagrams, videos
Please read attached instructions and utilize resources attached for this assignment
The topic is Alcohol
Thoroughly review the research assignment instructions in the Assignments folder before proceeding. Present your subtopic research in accordance with the following:
At least 3 peer-reviewed
articles from the JLF Library. Weekly course materials may not be used in this assignment (i.e., textbooks, articles, videos, etc.).
At least 3
sources from the internet from reputable sources (properly credited and referenced)
Use of at least 3
Bloom’s Taxonomy
skills included, and at least 2 use
Graduate level writing style (i.e., formal tone, proper grammar, sentence structure, paragraph style and length, and current APA writing format)
Current APA format (i.e., citations, references, headings, person tense, writing style, etc.)

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