This is a discussion question so not too long but long enough. Need done by the 6th of November. Below is the assignment…..

Week 5 DiscussionCOLLAPSEOverall Rating:
Discuss the following:
Identify and explain the forms of intellectual intangible property protection pursuant to the chapter reading.
Provide an example of a business dispute involving intellectual property within the last two years.
Use the Strayer University Legal Resource Tool,
below and cite your source.
Summarize the facts and the law in dispute of the case you found. Provide the outcome of the dispute for the example you provided.
Justify your response.
For infringement cases,
pursuant to the chapter reading,
what remedies are available to an IP owner and what are the elements needed to prove and win a case in court?
Please substantiate your answers and provide for sources per SWS requirements.

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