This is a project with other parts. I need one person willing to work on all parts of the project.
Literature Review Content
Topic is how Socioeconomic status affect mental health.
APA format
full draft of your Literature Review.
This draft should review at least six sources (remember, you will need at least ten for your final draft), should be properly formatted, and even though its a first draft, you should write it to the best of your ability so I can give the best advice possible for your future work. Theres no discussion forum this week, so please devote all of your time and efforts to the draft.
For this literature review draft, you should turn in a good 6-8 pages of text – this doesnt include the cover sheet, abstract, or References page, which you must have as well. And please note that you should still be seeking out sources – youll need 10 for your final Literature Review submission.
** Ive attached one of the articles that can be used. Remember for this part we need at least 6 sources.

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