this is due in 7 hours……. must have done in 7 hours…….. no late work……
English homework
Fact summary outline……. use the attachment as an example of how the work must be done…..
The work must be done like the example attachment which shows what each paragraph must have.
Choose one of the following topics:
Animal Testing
Book Banning
Childhood Obesity
Corporal Punishment
Death Penalty
Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals
Digital Rights Management
Disability Rights
Drinking Age
Employment Drug Testing
Factory Farming
Felon Voting
Freedom of Speech
Freedom of the Press
Gun Control
Minimum Wage
National Anthem Protests
Performance Enhancing Drugs
Police Brutality/Defund the Police
Puppy Mills
Racial Profiling
Same Sex Adoption
School Uniforms
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
Teens and Plastic Surgery
Transgender Rights
Universal Health Care
After choosing the topic do a fact claim summary.
The Fact Claim Summary is a short summary of the main elements of the final essay. For the Summary, include only brief descriptions. Keep it short. Its not the full essay.
The first paragraph will contain your claim and why your topic is controversial. The claim must be a factual statement that states the topic and your position on the topic.
The second and third paragraphs contain your top two reasons why people should agree with you and evidence that backs up your reasons.
The fourth paragraph explains the opposing view and how youll refute it.
The last two paragraphs include two sources and why those sources are relevant and reliable.
Use the attachment as an example of how the work should be done. It also shows what each paragraph should have.

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