this question for 1000-word essay:
I want you to answer the first question. So the way you will write the answer is based on the story that I will send you to read. You cannot use any other source. The only source you will use is only from the reading that I will send to you, you cant use any other source. Nothing from outside the story I will send you.
You will have to write it in a MLA format. It should have a clear structure (like any good paper): a clear introduction that states, in unequivocal terms, your answer to the question; an argument/arguments for your position in the main body of the essay; and a conclusion that clearly and succinctly summarises your answer to the question and your argument in favour of it.
when you quote you need to quote from the story and you have to write the quote in
“…” and then after the quote the page number. For example: “Norms are widely agreed-upon principles or rules people are expected to observe; they represent the dos and donts of social life” (Giddens 43). Thats how you need to do the quotes.

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