Question 1:
After reviewing the material in reference to Cameron Todd Willinghams case and the attached article, you will write a 500 to 750 word paper (refer to the syllabus for formating instructions) on issues and concerns that were brought up in this case as well as issues with misuse of physical evidence. Feel free to explore the topic; but remember, the deeper you go, the harder is will be to stay within the maximum length. The main focus I want you to be aware of is that physical evidence can tell a story. However, the story must be based on scientific fact and not anecdotal beliefs. We have a obligation to explore not only the incriminatory evidence in a case, but the exculpatory evidence as well. This is key to critical thinking, asking the hard questions. We have to make sure that our personal beliefs and biases do not influence our investigations. It can lead up to wrongly accusing an innocent person but also allowing the guilty person walk free. This will be a word document that is to be uploaded.
Question 2:
Having worked Child Exploitation and Homicide investigations for many years, I learned that computer and cellular phone forensics have become increasing important to law enforcement. Skills related to this disciplines are invaluable in todays age. Your assignment is to research this topic and write me a 750 to 1000 word paper regarding one of the following topics: training, education, police department units or squads, Multi-jurisdictional organizations, or a specific case in which digital forensics were used to bring a subject to justice or rescue a child.

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