Question 1:
Read the following article:
Hoelscher, D. M., Sharma, S. V., & Byrd-Williams, C. E. (2018, December). Prevention of obesity in early childhood: What are the next steps? American Journal of Public Health, 108(12), 1585-1587. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2018.304779
Respond to the following questions:
How can public health educators (including nutritionists and prevention specialists) be involved in reducing the risk of obesity?
What age should obesity prevention efforts and interventions start? Explain.
Question 2:
Given the readings and assignments in the course:
Identify and briefly discuss two concepts in this course that you believe will be most applicable to the professional discipline you will enter upon completion of your degree program.
What is the importance of these concepts to the professional discipline?
How will you use these concepts in your future career?

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