Questions 1 (p.183) In your answer you must apply the Pendulum principle only.
Read the article Quebec Seeking to End Its Old Cultural Divide. Identify what you can and how the French and the English-speaking Canadian and Quebec tension with some of the things that were causing problems or some of the dilemmas that they had in the province of Quebec Canada. So, you are looking at French-speaking English-speaking to have some problems how are they using Praxis concrete practices to resolve the tension? Use here the Pendulum principle only.
Questions 2 (p.211) In your answer you must apply the Transaction principle only.
The second question is all about the Transaction principle only as deals with Amish culture. But, for the most part, it’s tension and resolution that needs to happen between the Amish culture and the English culture for those that are not Amish. Read through the little scenario and you can find out how the resolution was met.

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