Queston 1:-
After reading chapter 15, describe how federated identity management will impact the processes behind identifying end users. You must use at least one scholarly resource.
Every discussion posting must be properly APA formatted.Your initial post should be 250-300 words.
Question 2:-
Chapter 3):
There are four types of VPN. Name them and give an example of when I should use that type. Do you think there will be the need for more types of VPN? Why?
Chapter 11):
How does software defined networking affect the management of a VPN in comparison to traditional VPN management? Does it improve or does it not improve the management of a
Chapter 12):
As threats and attacks are a continuing issue, what new technologies/methods do you think should be implemented to protect a VPN?
Your initial post should be 250-300 words. There must be at least two APA formatted reference (and APA in-text citation) to support your thoughts in the post. Do not use direct quotes, rather rephrase the authors words and continue to use in-text citations.

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