ead : P. 1-3, p. 8, p. 10 and p. 18. from the attachment
You are also encouraged to read the whole introduction .
According to what you read on those pages, 1) what do the editors mean by their version of feminism? In your opinion, how is it different than what people in general understand by feminism?
Explain in your own words and 2) back your answer with at least one evidence from the book by adding a short quote or referring to a particular page.
3) In this introduction, the editors go over the different chapters in the book and summarize the main ideas of authors of each chapter. Scan (gloss over them to see if any catches your attention- no need to read every word except if you wish to do so) these descriptions and decide: If you were to read one of these chapters, based on the information in the introduction which one would you choose (name of author) and why?

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