Please read the question details carefully.
I have attached the literature review as well.
Reference style: Harvard reference style
Research Proposal
A research proposal consists of three sections:
Discussion of the research question
Literature review
Proposal of a research methodology
You have already completed the literature review, so in this assessment your task is to complete steps 1 & 3.
The literature review does not need to be submitted again.
You may already have a well developed research question from the literature review assessment, but you may need to refine your topic into something that is manageable as a research project.
You are not being asked to conduct the research, only to propose and design it.
Research Proposal Template
Title of the project: (one sentence)
Research question or hypothesis: (one sentence)
Dependent/independent variables (if relevant) (one sentence)
Research question: (750 words) – Suggested discussion points
What are you trying to find out?
Is this a how, who, what, where question?
Why is this research important? Why should someone give you funding to do this?
You can draw from your literature review here, but you cannot repeat content from the last assessment.
Discussion of a research method (750 words) – Suggested discussion points
Describe your methodology
Qual, quant or mixed methods?
Sample size?
Method for recruiting of participants?
the study intended to be representative?
What is the timeframe?
Why, in the context of the question you are trying to answer, is this the best method?
Use references to books and articles to justify your methods
Reference list (on a new page)

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