Please think about the scientific method as you read the article Trends in Fatalities From Distracted Driving in the United States, 1999 to 2008 by Drs. Fernando Wilson and Jim Stimpson from the American Journal of Public Health in 2010. (Link: Paper for Lab HW 8.pdf.
Summarize what this paper is about.
What are the 5 sections in this paper and what role do they serve in the article?
Based on the information in the introduction, what was the motivation behind doing this research?
The paper does not explicitly state a hypothesis. Based on what the paper
say, write what you think the hypothesis was.
What other variables did the authors take into account during their study?
What follow up research question could be considered?
Note the various parts of the scientific method (observation, research, hypothesis, etc.) and give examples of where each of the parts are found in the paper (giving page numbers is fine).
Why is texting much more hazardous than talking on the phone?
How does drinking compound the problem of texting while driving-what mechanism is to blame?
Did you learn or find anything interesting about how scientific studies are conducted after this assignment?

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