PROMPT ?150 words?
Please answer one of the following questions:
1.The Communist Manifesto has been an influential text for over a century.
Do you think it is still relevant today?
Explain why or why not. Give examples from the text and current events.
2.Cardoso states β€œβ€œIt is not realistic to imagine that capitalist development will solve basic problems for the majority of the population.”
Give one example from the readings or lectures this week of a basic problem that capitalism is not likely to solve and explain why it would be difficult for capitalism to solve this problem.
In your opinion, is there another ideology that we have discussed in the course which presents a path toward a solution?
3.What does Gundar Frank mean by the development of underdevelopment?
Discuss one of his hypothesis and the examples he gives to support it.
Do you find his argument convincing?
Why or why not?
In responding to your peers, provide feedback about their comment. Do you agree?
Why or why not? Do you have any questions or thoughts about your peers response?

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