Prompt for Module 4 Discussion:
Argue for or against: Buddhism was not compatible with the emerging imperial state.
General reminders:
There will be a prompt for each modules discussion thread.
If there is an argue for or against kind of prompt, there should be evidence for either side of the debate in the course materials.
The format you use in your response will be relatively open: you can write a paragraph or two; you can write an outline or bullet point list; you can make and post a response video; you can use graphic images…if you have other ideas about format, just let me know.
However, you must address the prompt and demonstrate engagement with course materials (by quoting, for example), and your third essay assignment will be to develop one of your discussion posts into a full essay.
Cite your sources using Chicago style notes & bib
(Links to an external site.).
I encourage you to engage with your peers through replies, but this is not a requirement.
I and/or Christina will read everyones posts and will make comments when we can, but we probably wont be able to make comments each time on everyones posts.

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