Need help with week 5 discussion
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Josilyn Acevedo
Hello class and professor,
This financial crash has impacted me in more than one way.
First, it has impacted my ability to get back to work once my time ended for staying home after giving birth. Not getting back to work right away put a hardship in my life with some of my finances. It also made it more difficult to purchase normal essential and some non essential items due to raising prices in the stores. Another way this financial crisis has impacted my life is when I couldnt get back to work when I had planned to. I needed to apply for Unemployment which made this even worse than they already were because I couldnt reach anyone for months. Having less money than usual to pay the usual amount of money for my expenses brought a hardship on the situation.
After watching the videos, discuss how this financial crash impacted you, your family, a career from which you may have been laid off, or someone you know who was affected.

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