PART 1–40 points
1. Selection of article—10 points
a. Choose a current health news article of interest to you based on a topic regarding healthcare or
medical insurance fraud.
This is not a research paper on medical insurance or healthcare reform
b. *Your choice must be a current article (dated June 2020 to present) from a reliable internet
c. Must be written in your own words. No plagiarism!
2. Summarize the article—10 points
a. *The title of your article should be the title of your paper.
b. *The first sentence of your paper should also state the name and date of the article.
c. Summarize the key points of the article.
d. Identify and define any medical terminology, insurance terms, or abbreviations used in the
article. Use your textbook or a medical dictionary as necessary
3. A brief opinion of the article—10 points
a. As a concluding paragraph, discuss why you chose this article. Why was this particular article
interesting to you?
b. Also discuss what you see as the importance of this issue and the positive or negative impact on
society including any political, economic, environmental and/or moral or ethical implications.
c. Must be written in your own words. No plagiarism!
4. Format—10 points
a. 300-400 words (excluding citations or optional definitions section) with word count listed at end
of your paper.
b. Arial, font size 10-11
c. Double spaced, one inch margins, one-sided paper
d. Correct spelling and grammar (use Spellcheck)
e. Cite source(s) at end of paper
Internet site: Website address, source, title, author, posted time, date
Medical dictionary: Title, publisher, copyright date, cite

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