Please answer the following prompts in a detailed manner. Write clearly and concisely, adhere to a 1-2 paragraph format. Each response is worth 5 points (25 points possible). Place the question number before the response. Submit the finished document to Turnitin as instructed.
Per question, 2-3 points will be deducted if the response is take verbatim from secondary sources (textbook or Internet).
Answer essay responses in your own words. All answer please follow the Essay Rubric I posedt in the file.
Address the following prompts:
1.What kind of digital-age literacy does the hyperconnected workplace require?
2.Which forms of nonverbal communication send silent messages about us?
3.How could you improve written communication with someone who speaks another language?
4. What is research and why is it important for business writers?
5. What is a career e-portfolio and what types of benefits does it provide?

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