IT and business managers see inefficiencies in everyday processes, as these inefficiencies are often related to current systems in place. As such, IT and business managers need to identify these issues to senior management and offer solutions.
In this interactive assignment, you will analyze the role of CRM systems in business and assess the issues that make a CRM system necessary for successful customer relationship management. Assume the role of an IT Manager working for an organization where there is no CRM in place. You may use a business scenario of your choice (this may be a real world scenario with which you are familiar or one you create). For your initial post, you will create PowerPoint presentation and screencast video of your PowerPoint. This presentation will be created for your CIO and should provide all pertinent information.
Your PowerPoint presentation must include a minimum of four inefficient processes you have identified related to recent customer interactions. Consider the CRM research you conducted and present to your CIO the CRM that best meets your needs. Include a rationale as to how it will alleviate the identified inefficiencies, providing a minimum of four reasons why the CRM and the vendor chosen would be the solution for your organization. Support your statements with evidence from your required and researched sources.

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