It is important for educators to be aware of the organizations that exist to support families of young children. There are federal, state, and locally supported resources available to help families learn about child development and help them support their child’s development as well as resources that help families advocate for and improve inclusive practices in early childhood programs.
For this honors assignment, you will create a 10-12 slide digital presentation for professional development for new classroom teachers at your child care center. Your director asks you to share community and state organizations available to support families with children facing social and emotional developmental concerns.
Include the following in your presentation:
A description of two social and two emotional concerns in children under the age of five.
Identify and provide a brief summary of one article for each social and emotional concern to support families.
Provide a brief description of at least one national, one state, and two community organizations that support families whose children have social and emotional developmental needs, including how they support the needs of the families.
Communication opportunities that invite families to share developmental concerns with their child’s teacher.
In 250-500 words, discuss a family need that you will most likely encounter in your future classroom. How will you support this student’s needs at school? Is there support you can provide for your student at home? How will you support this student’s family? Discuss at least two at school resources that could be provided to support the student and his or her family. Discuss a community resource that could provide support.

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