Media — Cultural and creative industry
Research questions:
What is the most important problem facing the cultural and creative industry today? Why is that?
At present, the global cultural and creative industry is thriving, but according to the market feedback of media products, there are potential development bottlenecks. It is mainly reflected in the lack of innovation, serious homogeneity, market saturation and other problems in the secondary adaptation of the original content. At the root of it, I think it is the gradual lack of creative IP(IP refers to Intellectual Property, in this case, meas the original story blueprint or the original text). Those stories can not continue to inject fresh blood into the cultural industry, but the content quality of original IP to some extent determines the development prospect of a cultural and creative industry.
(The above viewpoints are original and shall not be used again without permission)
In Disney, for example, whether it is a film or amusement park and its surrounding product development, each industry chain is rely on a certain IP as the core to the operation(IP refers to Intellectual Property, in this case, meas the original story blueprint or the original text), such as the market is there is Snow White film, with relevant clothes and toys, because the content behind these products have a high quality of fairy tale, and Disney is very good at choosing these stories, so produced a complete industrial chain and replication.
An IP with market potential is the winning weapon for a brand-building industry, while the current reality is that with the rise of consumerism, the media industry has or is showing a trend of weak content output. Content materials in the upstream of the industrial chain should occupy the first place in the process of enterprise investment and research, but the market share is gradually replaced by derivative products in the downstream of the industrial chain, which will only lead to the continuous decline in the quality of content output and finally a vicious circle. The box office of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, produced after Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, is the best evidence compared with the great plunge of Harry Potter and the polarization of public praise before and after Maleficent by Disney. (You can find a few more similar cases in the paper for example)
At present, many enterprises in the market seem to ignore that only the upstream can ensure the production of high-quality content to support the downstream industry to occupy the market for a long time. The operation and development of the whole industry is important, but the selection and creation of the core story content is more important. A good IP can make a cultural brand competitive in the market.
Content Requirements:
The requirement is reflected in the paper
– Research topic/question
– Source composites
– Conduct original research
– Establish coherent arguments
1. Point out your arguments and write them logically
2. Use appropriate theoretical evidence to prove a point (refer to journal articles, newspaper articles and online resources, and apply theories related to communication and media management)
3. Make a chart to support your point of view (you can collect the box office trend data of the above cases and make a chart). At least two charts should be included in the article
Document requirements:
Please include at least 5 reference sources. Be sure to use the Harvard Reference system to reference the literature and provide a complete bibliography at the end of the article.
We will be using plagiarism software to check that your essay has not been submitted by another student or to another institution, either in whole or in part; if you are found to have plagiarised then your application will be immediately rejected. Our system will detect self-plagiarism, i.e. if you have submitted any portion of your essay to another UK institution; your essay must therefore be original and specific to this application.
Word requirement: 1000 words
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