Due 11/01/2020
View the video by clicking on the link below, and then post your impression of one of the animals and their unique behavior.
YOU MUST CHOOSE YOUR ANIMAL FROM THE GROUPS LISTING. Go to More Tools from the drop down menus choose Groups.
In groups go to the Animal Behavior (New) [ I pasted what it should look like below], and sign on to one of the groups.
Only two persons per group.
I want you to use at least two of the following behavior terms in its correct context.
instinctive behavior
learned behavior
social behavior
non social behavior
You must create a post to the original question as well as post a reply to another students post.
Loving Nature 2015 from Diane Randolph on Vimeo.
Animal Behavior Groups *New (8)
Choose one of the animals to discuss in relation to the animal behavior video.
It is imperative to use the animals behavior from the embedded video to answer the post.
Additional information from outside sources is welcome.
Great Blue Heron2
Marsh Rabbit3
Roseate Spoonbill2
Sandhill Cranes2
Snowy Egret2

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