Electronic Health Record Simulations
Unit outcome addressed in this Assignment:
Differentiate between the various software products used in the HIM Department.
Course outcomes reviewed/practiced in this unit:
HI150-2: Outline the critical stages of developing a health information system.
HI150-4: Articulate the key features of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Health Information Exchanges (HIE).
Assignment Instructions: CAHIIM Virtual Lab Electronic Health Record Simulations
You will gain access to both the CAHIIM VLab Simulations and the SpringCharts EHR Application in preparation for the Unit 8 Assignment Part One.
Review the HI150 Virtual Lab Information_Simulations_6_18 document found under Course Resources> Course Documents. The document will instruct you on how to access the CAHIIM Virtual Lab (VLab) environment and locate the Virtual Lab simulations.
Take a screen/snipping tool capture shot of the Virtual Lab Simulations home page showing all available Virtual Lab Simulations.
Assignment Instructions: SpringCharts Application Download and Demo Completion
You will gain access to both the AHIMA VLab Simulations and the SpringCharts EHR Application in preparation for the Unit 8 Assignment Part One.
1. Review the documents in Course Resources > Course Documents
titled “Launching SpringCharts Demo Instructions” and the “HI150 SpringCharts Download Instructions”.
Install the application on your PC home computer or laptop making sure you check on the Java™ requirements.
Once the software has been loaded and saved to your computer desktop, follow the instructions offered by the installer.
Open up the application and follow the demo screen instructions. If you have any problems opening up the system, close the application out, re-open and right click on the application and click on “Run as Administrator.”
Complete the software demo (which will teach you how to navigate in the software).
Once the demo is completed, submit a print screen shot (snipping tool shot) loaded in a Word document to the Dropbox. The print screen should indicate that you have completed the demo successfully.
Submit the two required snipping tool/screen capture shots to the Unit 3 Assignment Dropbox.
Submitting Your Work
Put your responses in a Microsoft Word document. Save it in a location and with the proper naming convention: username-CourseName-section-Unit 3_Assignment.doc (username is your Kaplan username, section is your course section, 3 is your unit number. Submit to the Unit Dropbox.
To view your graded work, come back to the Dropbox or go to the Gradebook after your instructor has graded.

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