Explore the different costs associated with “greenwashed” foods compared to conventional foods at your local grocery store (you may do this in-person or using a store’s website/app provided they have photos meeting the criteria below). Create a PowerPoint or Google Slides that include the following:
A title slide and introduction to your photo project that includes the grocery store you visited (5 pts)
Side-by-side photos of the products with their costs and nutritional information
Choose one greenwashed product and one comparable conventional product of each of the following (they should be the same size—for example, a 12 oz can of organic peas and a 12 oz can of conventional peas) (5 pts each):
Protein source (meat or meat substitute)
Dairy product (milk, eggs, yogurt, etc)
Produce (fruit or vegetable)
Frozen food
Snack/treat food
Definitions of greenwashing and the buzzwords used on your products (for example, ‘natural’, ‘cage-free’, ‘no added hormones’ etc.); do those descriptors have actual meaning/hold value? Hint: you’ll need to look this info up. (10 pts)
Final slide(s) that addresses the following (10 pts):
Were there any significant differences in the apparent safety or nutrition of the products you compare?
If you were shopping for food for yourself, which products would you be most likely to purchase? Why?
How do you think greenwashing impacts consumer behaviors?

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