Before participating in this discussion board, please be sure to view and listen to the lecture, as well as complete this weeks reading.
For our week eight discussion board, please answer the following:
1. Reading: Choose one theory discussed in the chapter you read this week, and explain (in your own words) that theory, and how it applies to family. You can reference a family in television/a movie, or you can reference your own family/a family you know of. You do not need to disclose anything you are uncomfortable disclosing.
2. Critique (two parts): First, how do you think family, and the construction of family, could be better represented in pop culture? Think and reflect on the types of family discussed in the lecture and provide us with example(s). Second, do you think friendship is appropriately represented in pop culture? Think of your favorite television show and/or movie, and explain to us the friendship portrayed in it, and how it was portrayed well, and how it was not portrayed well.
Please remember your initial post should be a minimum of 250 words

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