Capstone Analysis Project: Compare and analyze the pairs of companies – Coca-Cola and Pepsi
Write an outline (250-300 words) for this paper (outline could be written in bullet points). More detailed assignment description is in the attachment.
The project is both historical and forward looking and should at a minimum address the following questions: 1) who has been and who is the superior competitor? Why? 2) Are the companies presently valued properly and why or why not? 3) What is the growth prospects for the companies and which company is a better investment to add to an investment portfolio and why? 4) Which company has superior qualitative and quantitative accounting metrics? Why? 5) What non-accounting factors influence your prediction and decision? Why? 6) Which company exhibits superior corporate governance metrics and corporate social responsibility and how did this influence your decision? 7) What recent activities did the companies undertake, e.g. M&A activity that influenced your decision? 8) What external factors [regulatory matters, macroeconomic (monetary and fiscal) events, political trends, social factors, and international events] influence and affect your predictions?

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