Part two: This unit focuses on criminal justice organizations and everything within them that management and leaders must consider while making vital decisions. For this discussion, let’s begin thinking critically about two questions:
What is the most difficult element to lead and manage within a criminal justice organization, and why?
There is not a right or wrong response to Part two of this discussion—you are asked to use your critical-thinking skills and for your opinion. This is to see what your initial thoughts are about leading and managing these types of organizations. What does it look like to you?
Discuss the different environmental factors that limit the jobs of criminal justice organizations. Explain how these environmental factors can influence the future of the criminal justice system.
3. What barriers to communication exist within criminal justice organizations? What impact can communication barriers have on the community? How can criminal justice organizations effectively deal with communication barriers?
These are just Discussion Boards, please keep the answers number.
250 only.

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