1. Select a product of which you will export to a foreign country.
2. After your product is chosen, decide on a foreign country to which you will export.
3, Develop an Export Business Plan.
For this assignment, you will find, read, and create annotations for scholarly articles related to your chosen product and country.
Later this term, you will synthesize these sources and combine this archival research with field research to develop your paper.
Therefore, it is important to select a topic that interests you.
An annotated bibliography is a good way to keep track of your research. As you find sources and annotate them, you capture important information about a source, information that will hopefully prove helpful when you start to write paper. The sources you choose for the annotated bibliography should be sources you will use (or that could potentially be used) in your final paper for the course.
If youre going to do all the work that an annotated bibliography entails, why not make it count! The assignment requires 10 annotated sources, but you may end up with more than that for the final paper.
How to Create an Annotated Bibliography

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