The population of a bee colony is growing at a rate of 2.3
% each year.
There are currently 3400 bees in the colony.
At this rate, in how many years will there be 10,200 bees in the colony?
The population of Mar Mac is increasing by 6
% each year.
How many years will it take for the population to double?
How many years will it take for the population to triple?
The population of fish in a lake is decreasing.
There are currently 24,000 fish in the lake.
The population is decreasing by 5.75
% each year.
In how many years will the lake only contain a fourth of its current population of fish?
The half-life of Radium is 1690 years.
If 10 grams of Radium are present now, how much Radium will be present in 50 years?
Suppose the half-life of ibuprofen in the bloodstream is 45 minutes.
If you take 400 mg of ibuprofen, how much will remain in your bloodstream in 5 hours?
Suppose a material decays at a rate proportional to the quality of the material and there were 2500 grams of the material 10 years ago.
If there are 2400 grams of the material now, what is the half-life of the material?

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