5 points Write a complete nursing care plan based off of this nursing diagnosis:
Deficient knowledge related to preparation for the hospitalization.
Your patient is a 4 year old boy.
5 points What is considered a fever in a child?
What medications would be used to control fever?
What non-medication interventions can be done to decrease fever?
Write out a script on parental education that you would tell a parent with a child with a fever.
6 points Fluid calculation needs in children are based on their weight.
Please figure out the following fluid requirements needed for 24 hours then amount you would infuse per hour.

a. 8 kg infant

b. 14 kg toddler

21 kg child.
For each of these children, what is their weight in pounds?
Heres some dosage calculations (1 point for each)

Doctors order: Give 125 mg of medication once a day.
Medication label says 1 tablet = 250 mg.
How many tablets should be administered daily?

Doctors order:
Give Tetracycline syrup 150 mg po once daily.
Medication labels says Tetracycline syrup 50/mL.
How many mL should be administered per day?

Doctors order: Meperidine 20 mg IM q4h prn for pain.
Child is rating pain 8/10 based off the FACES scale
Medication label states Meperdine 40 mg/ml.
How many mL would you give for one dose?

Doctors order: Heparin 3,000 units subcutaneously now.
Medication label reals 5,000 units/mL. How many milliliters will be administered for this patient?

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