Asssessment Instructions
The topic of your first essay is how you are the hero of your educational and professional journey, based on the concept of the five stages of the Heros Journey archetype: birth, quest, trial, epiphany, and death.
For this assessment, first complete an outline of your first essay. This outline will guide the development of your final draft of the essay.
Structure an outline based on the five stages of the Heros Journey.
Ensure your outline follows through each stage: birth, quest, trial, epiphany, and death.
Apply accepted methods for outlining an essay, including main points and sub-points.
Use this
outline to write your story about your personal journey in which you are the hero. Create a document to compose a properly formatted essay that follows the Heros Journey archetype. Ensure your essay includes the following:
Provide a narrative that follows the Heros Journey archetype.
Use descriptive language that provides detail for each stage of the Heros Journey. Such description includes feelings and experiences, coupled with sights and sounds, that will make your journey come alive for your reader.
Apply in text the standard writing conventions for the discipline, including structure, voice, person, tone, and citation formatting.
Produce text with minimal grammar, usage, spelling, and mechanical errors.
Use the Paper Formatting Example [DOCX] as a resource to guide your writing and formatting. The resources available to you in the Resources section of this assessment, as well as the Writing Centers Stages of Writing
page may also help you complete this assessment.
Submit your outline as well as your essay as one document.
Additional Requirements
Your assessment should also meet the following requirements:
Written communication: Ensure written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
Standard formatting: Use one-inch margins, appropriate headers, and a title page.
Length: Submit one double-spaced page.
Font and font size:
Use Times New Roman, 12-point font.

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