Please take some time and look at the idea of BulletProof Coffee, a current trend in lipid nutrition.
I will not be providing you a source, but rather I want you to seek a reliable one out. Feel free to read all the info out there, as if you were not a smart, fact checking nutrition student; it is very interesting!
What is BulletProof Coffee and who is responsible for coming up with Bulletproof Coffee (what is their background)?
Who is your source (you may use multiple sources for this assignment, as obviously any source can tell you what it is, but look for a reliable source using the CRAAP Test and Hierarchy of Evidence to decide if BulletProof coffee is good or not).
Does the source support or not support it.
Source(s) can be linked, no need to APA.
What are your thoughts on Bullet Proof Coffee and its claims in terms of nutrition and health based facts from the class lecture and readings and would you try it (why or why not)?
Be sure to number your responses; minimum of 500 words total for all responses (#1-3) not each response.

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