Provide comprehensive insight, understanding, and reflective thought about the week’s topics: Postings should creatively stimulate dialogue and commentary. Postings should reflect students’ expressions of personality and personal experience. All images and text created by others should display appropriate copyright permissions and accurate citations.
Read the week’s article readings, (moral development), and other outside scholarly sources found. Submit a 4-page (excludes cover page and reference list), double-spaced paper addressing the following (approximately 1 page to discuss each question):
How is character defined in the sport ethics literature?
In what ways does sports participation build character?
(prior to your response, read literature on last question)
What have the sports studies shown relative of the effects of sport participation on moral development of athletes? (i.e.
length of participation, team v. individual sports, effects of gender)
Provide critical opinion for your conclusions
Use subheadings for the four areas (character defined, character developed, sports character studies, and conclusion) within your paper as you discuss each question. Include cover sheet and reference list. APA sytle format

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