Market Structure: This assignment is aligned to this course outcome on
economic principles and their applications in the real world. Summary of the different types of market structures and the role of government in economics.
In this assignment you will select an industry of your choice and learn about the products and services it provides:
Review your previous chapter readings as related and other researched articles to develop this paper about four – six (4-6) pages long in which you:
Select an industry and describe the goods and/or services this industry produces.
Identify this industry’s market structure and at least two or more market characteristics that support this market structure.
Describe any notable microeconomic relationships, market outcomes, and/or trends in this industry. Include a graph, chart, or table containing related data.
How might government impact this industry’s market prices, output, and/or market structure? Government intervention through price controls, industry regulations, and antitrust enforcement is covered
Your paper should include a cover page.
Your brief should be four to six
(4-6) pages in length (not including the cover page), double-spaced, 12-point font.
Your paper should include a minimum of three (4) reference/citation in the text.

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