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Raw Material: Working Wool in the West Book by Stephany

Raw Material: Working Wool in the West

Book by Stephany Wilkes

After reading Ch. 5 – 7 (p. 55 – 92)  Raw Material: Working Wool in the West, respond to the following:

What happens to California wool once a wool clip is obtained?

How do you think cooperative business models can be helpful to the wool industry? See example provided with Roswell Wool.

What are the expected prices for US wool when it is sold globally? How does it compare to prices reported in USDA reports?

What is community supported agriculture? How can it be applied to wool? See example provided with the Farm Club.

What are the fiber processing expenses described for wool skirting and scouring in the US?

What are competitive advantages of the mill Zeilinger Wool Company in Michigan? How do you think the business model may be impacted by the pandemic? 

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