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1) As a final assignment for this course, you will


 As a final assignment for this course, you will analyze a social problem of your choice. The goal of your research will be a 2 (at most 3) page analysis. You will need to look at both popular and scholarly work on the subject. Preferably, choose a social problem that you have not already covered in a previous assignment.SELECT ONE OF THE FOLLOWING OPTIONS FOR YOUR SOCIAL PROBLEM ANALYSIS:  Option 1Select a social problem and write about the following:  

  • How has the social problem you have chosen come to be defined as a “problem”?   
  • What are the causal factors (social, political, economic and/or cultural) that have led to the social problem’s definition as a social problem? 
  • Why has the social problem you have chosen remained in or fallen out of the public spotlight?

Option 2Select a social problem and write about it from a cross-cultural or historical perspective: 

  • Explain the diverse reactions to similar social conditions across selected cultural and social settings. 
  • Why is a particular social phenomenon considered a social problem in one setting, but not in another?  Compare two different countries/cultures or compare different historical eras within the same country/culture.

Option 3Select a social phenomenon or condition and analyze or argue for why this has not become a social problem.

  • What are the causal forces that have kept a social phenomenon from becoming defined as a social problem?

Sample topic ideas:How did child abuse come to be defined as a social problem in the U.S.?Why was marijuana illegal for such a significant period of time, but not alcohol?When or why children born out of wedlock became a social problem?Why is the physical punishment of children considered a problem in some settings but not in others? Why do some cultures define FGM as a social problem and others see it as a beneficial practice? 



  1. Go to your textbook at and list 10 thickening agents and describe where they come from. (Consider the name of the thickener, description of where it comes from, creativity, and spelling/grammatics; consider how your attachment would appear in a food magazine, do not copy and paste). Use a word document and attach below.

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