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Respond to the questions below by reviewing the article and

 Respond to the questions below by reviewing the article and identifying those elements (state the page number you found the element). As you discuss the researcher’s use of the element, make sure your discussion is properly supported by  your textbook. 


Your critique responses should reflect upon the following:
1. What type of qualitative approach did the researcher use? Provide a definition of the type of approach. 
2. What type of sampling method did the researcher use? Is it appropriate for the study? Why or why not?
3. Discuss whether the data collection focused on human experiences.
4. How did the author address the protection of human subjects?
5. How did the researcher describe data saturation?
6. What procedure for collecting data did the researcher use?
7. Describe the strategies the researcher used to analyze the data.
8. How did the researcher address the following:

  • Credibility 
  • Auditability 
  • Fittingness 

9. What is your cosmic question?

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