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The first step is to choose a topic of interest


The first step is to choose a topic of interest to you from our assigned reading, the suggestions below, or from the area of adult learning. Consider researching a topic that will also be of some use to you, either personally or professionally. This will allow you to yield some personal benefit from your research outside of class. Also, the focus will be about the application of your topic in the real world, so allow that to also guide you in your choice.

  • The connection between organizational effectiveness and learning
  • The relationship between organizational learning and successful companies

– Introduce the topic you have chosen and why this topic is important to adult/organizational learning
– Discuss the topic itself and how it is relevant to adult education and its application within the workplace
– Describe what the topic is in detail to give the reader a solid foundation and understanding
– Analyze the current state of this topic at the present time: in other words, what is your chosen topic look like today, as opposed to what it looked like 10 or 20 years ago. Perhaps you may want to discuss the evolution of your topic in recent decades. You may want to discuss what has been discovered about this topic over the years or what it looks like now. You have some creative leeway here to discuss the current state.

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