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For this topic in your initial post (300-500 words) summarize

For this topic in your initial post (300-500 words) summarize how the respective political economic perspective perceives one of the policy issues (chosen from one of the policy Chapters 7-9-be clear about which chapter you are using), in terms of proper role of government, actual role of government, and proposals for reform. Of the reform proposals, 1) How would the specific public problem be identified/defined, 2) is there a preferred policy and/or policy type (Lowi: distributive, redistributive, regulatory, or self-regulatory) that is advocated (or is it a mixture) to alleviate the problem, and 3) which proposal (for this problem or policy area) would be considered most important to pass/implement from a classical liberal perspective and which proposal do you think would be the most feasible to pass/implement under the current policy/political environment and why.

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