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nstructions: In clas- we went over our discussion questio// for


In clas– we went over our discussion questio// for the weekly theme. Please choose two of the the questio==s below and and answe.. them. Answ.e.. must reflect the required readin,,g and videos, le,ctures, and clas,s discussion,s.

Each questio/n must be a minimum of 250 words and a maximum of 500 words.

1. The author provided 3 answer/s to modern sovereignty. Which do you agree with and why?

2. Is Globalization an inherently good or bad thing? (or neither)

3. What experiences do you have of “digital-divide” (from the book) in your own life or community?

4. What is the future of the sovereign nation-state?

pick only 2 of the 4 questio./ns

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