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Reply to the following in 200 words or more. What

 Reply to the following in 200 words or more. 

  1. What could be the potential psychological consequences of this traumatic event for Bobsville and General County residents?

There are a myriad of consequences that could follow this traumatic event. PTSD, Depression, suicidal ideologies, anxiety, lack of sleep, paranoia, irritation to already diagnosed mental health disorders, creation of a pathway to a new or heavier addiction are also consequences.  for children, it could be loss of concentration, night terrors, bed wetting, anxiety and even displacement of trust of those in authority. 

  1. What are the potential planning interventions that public health, hospitals, and elected leaders should be looking at to support the mental health needs of the citizens?

trauma and grief counseling centers could be created in order to assist with triaging feelings surrounding the crisis. on site case management teams, that can assist with linkage to care for mental health providers/ psychiatrists. all parties involved should be looking to create interventions that are grounded in trust, transparency and lack of judgement towards those seeking care. 

  1. Are there any particular concerns or immediate issues related to children’s mental health in this disaster situation?

protecting children’s mental health during a disaster is key to reducing lasting affects of the crisis. because childrens mental health has not always been strongly addressed it states in an article that ” it is time that pediatric residency programs develop the capacity to prepare their residents to meet the behavioral and mental health needs of their patients. Meeting this challenge will require a robust curriculum and effective assessment tools (Pediatric, 2020)”. so one of the major concerns is making sure that doctors know how to recognize and address these issues correctly. 

  1. Are there any particular concerns or immediate issues related to first responsders’ mental health in this disaster situation?

this is a tricky one, as not all first responders handle trauma in the same way. there should be a window or space for their trauma to be discussed after the crisis, assessments made on further mental health needs and an open door counseling for first responders. 

work cited

McMillan, J. A., Land, M., & Leslie, L. K. (2017). Pediatric residency education and the behavioral and mental health crisis: a call to action. Pediatrics139(1).

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