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How would you describe Aileen’s childhood? Be detailed. What agents


  1. How would you describe Aileen’s childhood? Be detailed.
  2. What agents of socialization were most important in Aileen’s life? (See the below list for help) List and explain your answer.

The top 5 agents of socialization are below.

  • Sets values, basic attitudes, self-image.
  • Mass media. Displays role Mandela for children to imitate.
  • Emphasizes organization, responsibility.
  • Peers. Learn to deal with conflict, competition, empathy.
  • teaches discipline, order, cooperation, conformity.
  1. Do you feel that Aileen had the ability to develop emotional social skills throughout her childhood? Explain your answer

4. What coping mechanisms did Aileen have in her life? (you should be able to name at least 3 and describe)

5. Would you classify Aileen as a “Psychopath”? Explain your answer in detail – not just yes or no.

6. The life and subsequent crimes of Aileen Wuornos can be associated with various theories of criminal behavior. The three that will be analyzed and associated with Wuornos include, the Social Control Theory, Biological/Biosocial Theory, and Self Identity and Self Categorization Theory. This is a 3-part question and you are required to answer a-b-c.

a. The Biological/Biosocial theory is associated with genetics. The theory developed by Lombroso, suggested that criminals are born and not made. This means that criminals inherit their criminal behavior from their parents and genetic relatives to formulate the criminal. Explain how Aileen is associated to this theory.      (Ref pages 61-62/ 63-66/ 81-82)

b. The Social Conflict theory discusses the possibility that criminals are made and not born. This suggests that criminals are bred by their environment. Explain how Aileen is associated to this theory.   (Ref pages 70-78 Environmental factors)

c. The Self Control Theory can be defined as, “an individual’s propensity to commit or refrain from committing crimes” and suggests that Aileen had control over her action and behaviors and did this purposely due to her self-control, whether she has a great deal of this or is lacking. Explain how she is associated to this theory.    (Ref pages 53/ 69-70)

7.  Aileen received the death penalty for murdering six men. At times we speak about a double standard of punishment, that is that women are punished much harder than men. Do you feel the death penalty was a just sentence for her crimes or were there other factors involved such as a mental illness component or battered women syndrome that should be considered? Explain your answer.

watch these videos and watch the movie monster

Movie: Monster

Investigative Documentary

Overall/ Clinical Documentary

 Summary: Aileen Wuornos was tried, convicted, and executed for the murder of seven men in Central Florida. She accused these men of rape or attempted rape, stating that they were murdered in self-defense. However, before living her life as a serial killer she continued to face the criminal justice system. She was a known highway prostitute and had done this for most of her life to earn a living.  It also afforded her a criminal record which was long and filled with various crimes she committed from youth until she was arrested for murder in 1991.  

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