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Topic: Teenage Pregnancy Powerpoint presentation must be 20-25 slides, including

Topic: Teenage Pregnancy 

Powerpoint presentation must be 20-25 slides, including the title slide and the references slide(s). You must use at least 5 scholarly sources within the last 5 years, all sources used, including the textbook and images, must be referenced and/or paraphrased; any quoted material must be placed in quotes, and must have accompanying APA style in-text citations.

PowerPoint Presentation: The speaker notes must contain a detailed script of your presentation, as if you were verbally presenting.

The PowerPoint should include: 

  • Content from your revised outline
  • At least (2) SmartArt Diagrams
  • At least (2) Charts/Graphs
  • At least (3-4) Images
  • APA style formatting
  • 20-25 slides
  • Correct spelling and grammar
  • References slide(s)

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