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half page each question one reference Q1 I currently work

half page each question one reference 



I currently work at Duly Health and Care (formerly known as DuPage Medical Group) and I believe that the culture of the organization helps support employee engagement and productivity. The main culture of Duly Health and Care is to provide an Extraordinary experience to healthcare and the belief that the healthier you are the happier you are. From an organizational perspective to their employees they provide the same initiative to us as they do to their employees. I recently dug up an email from a couple months back when our name changed from DuPage Medical Group to Duly Health and Care, it is called the Be Well + Live Well + Grow Well + Connect Well initiative. In this email it described the perks that our organization is offering in order to help their employees in flourishing personally and professionally. For example, we were offered a free subscription to Noom, a psychology-based program empowers you to make healthier choices by better understanding yourself, your brain, and the science of choice. This is one of the many perks that the company has offered to help us live our healthiest lives in and out of our work. I believe that this helps with employee engagement because it helps us in and out of work, and Duly has done a great job with their culture change because it is a “culture that exemplifies positive traits will lead to higher satisfaction, improved performance and better outcomes”



Hill Country Memorial (HCM) culture is their vision, purpose, and beliefs. Their culture incorporates their employees, their roles and performance. Their culture is divided into two separate components. One component is Value Driven Culture. The purpose is responsible for the entire hiring process for new hires. The second one is Always Culture; an organizational culture encouraging staff performance. An organization selects most qualified applicants to join the team. (Young, 2017, p.34). Incorporating individuals that are not a good fit will not benefit the person or the organization. HCM is successful with strong employee engagement and productivity. HCE created a culture that thrives on employees’ actions. To ensure their culture is moving forward, their staff should continue to operate following set standards and updates implemented to maintain HCE’s rating.

Leadership invested from start until finish of vision statement development results leads to final vision statement intended to engage and encourage employees. It is important that employees understand their roles contribute to HCE’s vision. Employees are driven to meet/and or exceed expectations. HCE displays strategy maps showing employees roles and how they fit in the organization. This action renders a sense of pride within their employees. HCE is successful in all their offerings. I am certain there will be updates along the way to remain consistent with the health care industry.

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